Highly talented 4 year old mare from a top breeding

  • Price Class C - 800.000 - 1.300.000- ISK

  • Born 2014 
    1,40 m plus 
    BLUP 113 

    I am very excited to be able offer you here a real raw diamond. 

    This mare has it all to do amazing things next year on a breeding track! Snekkja is just trained for 3 month all together and everybody who has knowledge about young horses can see this extrem talent in the video. 
    She has high movements and is very open to a lot of speed in the gaits. The pace has been tried and she is very open to it. Also her temperament, forward thinking and calm at the same time, makes her highly interesting for breeding show and also for competition. 

    I am convinced that this mare with further professional training and more strength next year has the talent to do really great things at a breeding show. 

    Snekkja comes from a very good breeding. The farm Vorsabæ has bred many fantastic horses. 
    Her father Hreyfill frá Vorsabæ II is one of the highest judged 4 gaiters in the world with 8,54, he has 9,5 for tölt, trot and spirit and many 9th. 
    Snekkjas mother is a 5 gaited first prize mare judged with 8,27 in total with 9 for pace. 
    Snekkja 3/4 sister Snót frá Vorsabæ II (same mother, father is Dugur frá Þúfu í Landeyjum who is also father of Hreyfill) has first prize. 

    AND what makes Snekkja even more interesting, the price is super super fair. 

    Video, 3 month trained in total!!!