X Factor, SUPER well trained, SUPERTALENT for 5 gait

  • Price Class G - 4.000.000 - and over- ISK

  • born 2008

    1,40 m

    Now we are looking for a very special owner for a very special horse.

    Fjóla is a fantastic 5 gaited first prize mare with 5 very even very good gaits with very high movements. She is a special horse with a lot of x-factor! 

    She is super well educated with super gaits and a great mind. She is forward thinking and always always with the rider. Fjóla is light on the rains and easy to form. She is the perfect choice for a professional as well as for a talented young rider who wants to go all the way and learn from this so special horse. 
    She has already scored just below 7 in 5 gait and has the quality to go way higher with more competition experience and further good training.

    Beside being this super sport horse she is also the best partner you can find. She has the most lovable character ever. Comes to you everywhere, calls you when you are walking by or feeding and even smiles for the candy (;  
    Fjóla also has very nice bloodlines. Behind her you can find many Landsmót winners, first prize horses and honorary prize horses. So she would make a good breeding mare as well.

    But enough said, just look at the video: