Nice 5 gaited mare with SUPER breedingline


born 2005
blue dun
1,38 m

Dögg is a nice 5 gaited mare with very clean and even gaits.
She could do very well in 5 gait young riders class. She is easy to ride with good willingness.
Dögg is very interesting for breeding. Her breedingline is fantastic! Her father is the honory price stallion Sær frá Bakkakoti who has over 9 for ridden abilities. He has prooven himself many times as a fantastic breedinghorse. He is father to super stars like Arion frá Eystra-Fróðholti (9,25 for ridden abilities), Spá frá Eystra-Fróðholti (9,03 for ridden abilities), Sjóður frá Kirkjubæ (9 for ridden abilities) and many many other super horses!
The mother of Dögg has also prooven herself many times as a super breeding horse, she has 4 first price offsprings! Very well know is her son Skuggi frá Strandarhjáleigu who has 8,91 for ridden abilities!
Dögg could be brought to a stallion of your choice next year, with some of them it might be possible to get a good deal